The history of Wheelchair-Rugby in Germany

Wheelchair rugby is a team sport, especially developed for wheelchair users that also have a disability of the arms and hands. The classic case of quadriplegia (vd cervical) from paralyzed. A Canadian professor of architecture-Ben Harnish and the two wheelchair-athlete Duncan Campbell, and Garry Terwin-developed the first form of this game in Winnipeg. Because of its relatively high level of aggressiveness in a wheelchair contact, it was initially known as Murderball. Already in 1979 from Winnipeg was the first international championship against Marshall. 1981 was founded in the USA, the first rugby team, the "North Dakota Wallbangers".

In autumn 1992, the training director of DRS, Horst Strohkendl, the English national team invited to present the sport interested coaches. As early as May of next year, had so many enthusiasts found that at the meeting of the DRS, a new department was lifted from the baptism. The next years were marked by reconstruction work and the idea of this sport in many parts of Germany. But the work seems to have paid off, because in May 1995 the first national championship was played. It fought four German teams (Heidelberg, Mainz, Karlsruhe, Wildbad) for the title.

1993, seven countries met in Stoke Mandeville Games for the world and founded the IWRF International Wheelchair Rugby Federation. The explicit aim of this organization is to promote the sport and to organize a tournament every 2 years. A Championship is held every 2 years, held alternately at the World Championships and the Paralympic Games every 4 years. In 2000, wheelchair rugby for the first time Paralympic discipline.

Today wheelchair rugby is played in Germany by over 30 teams from 24 clubs, according to their performance in 4 leagues to participate in the Chamionsleague, an international league of Germany, in addition to three up to five teams from Europe. There are also the national leagues which are divided into the 1st Bundesliga, 2 League and regional leagues east, west and south.