Here you will find some brief information about my preferred partners.

I do have a lot of other products and customer service from other companies available.
Please ask, and I will give you competent and independend advice!


is my partner for custom made wheelchairs. The invader is the solution for active wheelchair users.


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Jörn Werner

Exterior design arround your house, fitting to your personal need. Competence in landscaping. Pflanzenhof Jörn Werner: Landscaping - Gardening
Contact: Phone 0 27 77 - 91 12 85 85

Jörn Werner


Your travel consultant Silke Stenger worldwide for your individual travel plans, with or without a handicap, for individuals and groups. Get competent advice to make your travel dream come true. Contact per phone 0 68 73 - 6 68 9 68 or website.

Süße Reisen

Die Fördergemeinschaft der Querschnittsgelähmten

Represents the interests of currently over 100,000 paraplegics in Germany on sociopolitical area, giving them information and answer their questions. It manages public relations, developing approaches to improve the lives of paraplegics, promotes such projects and help in individual cases. Take care!

Fördergemeinschaft der Querschnittgelähmten